Small print

“Rien n’est parfait”, soupira le renard. From ‘Le petit prince’, Antoine de Saint Exupéry

The fox asked the little prince if there were hunters on his planet. The price said ‘no’, then the fox asked are there any chicken? As the prince also answered ‘no’, the fox sighed ‘nothing is perfect….’

Also in our small world not all is perfect. Behind the house there is a train track. Once in a while a train passes by. The passenger trains are hardly audible, but the occasional freight train more so. During the day one hardly takes notice. During the night people react differently, some hear nothing at all, some do. Clearly in all rooms towards the lake a normal sleeper is not exposed. However, in the rooms to the back, with an open window, it can be relatively louder during the short time that the train passes. Heavy sleepers notice nothing.
There is no car traffic at all.
Behind the house some (freight) trains pass by, on an irregular basis.